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The Distinguished Lecture Series was established to inspire students, doctors, and the public by inviting world-renowned doctors and researchers who have made a tremendous impact to share with us their experiences in lung cancer screening. 

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Dr. David Baldwin

Leading respiratory physician on the UK CT lung cancer screening trial (UKLS).


Principal investigator on the Sputnik and SABRTooTH trials


Dr. Harry de Koning

Deputy Head and Professor of Public Health & Screening Evaluation at the Erasmus MC University Medical Centre; PI of the NELSON Trial


Dr. Ella Kazerooni

Professor of Radiology and Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan

Chair of the American Cancer Society's National Lung Cancer Roundtable


Dr. Peter J. Mazzone

Pulmonologist at the Cleveland Clinic & Director of the Cleveland Clinic's Lung Cancer Screening Program

Editor in Chief of Chest Journal

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Dr. Gail Darling

Founder of Ontario's Lung Cancer Screening Pilot for People at High Risk and Professor and Director of Thoracic Surgery Clinical Research at Toronto General Hospital


Dr. Sam Janes

Director of the SUMMIT Study, the largest lung cancer screening study of its kind in the United Kingdom


Dr. Douglas Wood

Henry N. Harkins Professor and Chair of the Department of Surgery at the University of Washington


Dr. Martin Tammemägi

Developed the PLCOm2012 risk prediction model


Scientific leader for Cancer Care Ontario's Lung Cancer Screening Pilot

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Dr. Raymond Osarogiagbon

Chief Scientist and Thoracic Oncologist at Baptist Memorial Healthcare Corporation. Director of the Multidisciplinary Thoracic Oncology Program and the Thoracic Oncology Research Group at the Baptist Cancer Center

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Dr. John Field

Chief Investigator of the first lung cancer CT Screening Trial in the United Kingdom


Dr. Stephen Lam

Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, and the director of the MDS-Rix Early Lung Cancer Detection and Translational Research Program at the BC Cancer Research Center


Dr. Christine Berg

Co-Principal Investigator of the National Lung Screening Trial

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