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ALCSI Proudly Supports the:

INSPIRE Lung Cancer Screening Study

INSPIREInvestigating Screening in Populations at High Risk to Improve Equity



The objective Screen 400 Black women aged 50-80 years old with any history of smoking for lung cancer in Boston and Chicago



  1. Assess perceptions of lung cancer screening among Black women in the United States 

  2. Evaluate performance of screening for detection of lung cancer 

  3. Assess performance of a deep learning image analysis algorithm for prediction of cardiovascular disease

Study Model

Study participants are identified at community lung cancer outreach events, supported through the screening process, and counseled about smoking cessation

Screenshot 2023-12-20 210519.png
WhatsApp Image 2023-12-20 at 9.06.38 PM.jpeg

INSPIRE study team members with study participant Krystal, following her first lung cancer screening exam! 


*Shared with patient permission and consent.

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INSPIRE Study Participant Stories

INSPIRE study participants, Krystal and Tanya, share their experience getting screened for lung cancer. 

*Shared with patient permission and consent.

Raising Awareness for the INSPIRE Study through ALCSI

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